HVRT ST, Rondo

Rondon teräsrunkoinen "road plus"-pyörä hiilikuituhaarukalla. Yksi 60cm-kokoinen saatavilla!

HVRT ST is light, but heavily armed cavalry with a touch of sentiment to classic cycling heritage. The heart of the HVRT is a beautiful frame made from high quality Tange Prestige tubes - double butted to our special spec. It's responsive and aggressive and we built in some unique solutions that will make this bike your best everyday companion. First of all the HVRT offers the option to use big volume 700c rubber, or even mount massive road plus tires on 650b hoops, ultimately transforming the HVRT into a road-plus pothole slayer. Secondly, thanks to the unique Twintip fork you can change your riding position and adjust the steering character of the bike. The first setting with steeper angles, smaller trail and a lower front will be the choice for racing. The alternative fork setting, that fits big tires and / or fenders, with slightly slacker angles is ideal for harsh, long endurance rides. So imagine this situation: you regularly do fast group rides and races on the weekend, but with your training you want to stay away from traffic and explore some of the B-roads during your summer holiday. The only bike we can think of that can do both things properly is the HVRT. All you need is two sets of wheels. Your race-day set could be high profile, aero and fancy, (eg. 700CX28). Your second set can be a cheap 650B setup with 1.9” road plus tires. The wheel swap takes 5 minutes, but the difference that it makes is massive! We are not talking about subtleties of typical “endurance” road bikes such as a slightly lower BB or slightly more forgiving frame. We are talking about a black-and-white, go-or-no-go kind of transformation.

No matter what, we know you will love this solid steel jewel.

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